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Ammalia and Petra massage and lick each other’s feet

The beautiful and sensual Ammalia and Petra have had a wonderful idea that will appeal to all members of PassionePiedi! Why not have fun massaging and licking each other’s feet?

They lie on the sofa, take off their socks and massage their feet. Then they put their feet close to their mouths and they can not help but lick those beautiful and smelly sexy feet!

The whole set of photos in high definition is available EXCLUSIVELY on PassionePiedi

Admire Petra’s perfect soles!

One of the last photo shootings with Petra has recieved the most success among PassionePiedi’s members, where the beautiful Petra shows her beautiful feet placing them on the coffee table to let you see her soft fragrant plants.

IMG_0474 IMG_0480

What do you think about the Petra‘s soles ??? Do not forget to visit her personal blog to make her directly compliments !!!