Toe Rings and anklets

Among the most beloved jewelries for those who love seeing naked legs and feet are .. without any doubt…  toe rings (the rings worn on the toes) and ankle bracelets.

The anklets, made of any kind of metal or even cloth embellish the lady’s ankles enhancing its grace, and combined with a streamlined and appropriate footwear make girl’s legs look toned, longer and sexy.

On the other hand, the toe rings  give a touch of class to lady’s toes giving them an elegant look and denoting the lady’s special attention to her feet.

Some girls would just put one ring on, others would wear different ones, emphasizing even more their passion for well-groomed feet and deliberately show their neat feet off.

In many photo shootings, the PassionePiedi models showed off their feet with toe rings on and anklets, gathering rave reviews from their fans.

What’s your thought on the topic? Do you like more  anklets or toe rings? Do you prefer our models use them in the next shootings and videos?


4 thoughts on “Toe Rings and anklets

  1. The more toe rings and anklets worn, the more ladies want to divert attention of people to their feet and hence more is the admiration. It can also become a symbol of identity, or comparison with feet of other ladies

    1. Very true. The toe rings and anklets add beauty to a lady’s personality and becomes the centre of attraction in the crowd

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