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Emily’s feet and her black high heeled slippers

This week update protagonist  of PassionePiedi is Emily who delights us with a video in which dazzling us to admire her beautiful feet!

Pink dress, black high heels and her extravagant tattoos which cover all her body and enhance the beauty and slimness of Emily‘s gorgeous legs and nailpolished toes!

What do you think? You like Emily? Do you like her legs? :)


Il set fotografico composto da oltre 100 scatti è disponibile in esclusiva per tutti gli abbonati di PassionePiedi, come il video in altissima definizione!!

Mysterious Greta in black stockings and knee high leather boots

Let’s give a welcome to a new PassionePiedi‘s model, gorgeous and mysterious brunette Greta  who will appear for the very first time on our site this week, starring in a fantastic high definition video.

Sexy brunette with a deep look, breathtaking body and slim soft legs, with well-shaped perfectly nailpolished toes

In this set Greta wears a cute mini-skirt that let your oversee her passionate red panties black stockings and leather knee high boots 

Greta will take her boots off, let her sensually black stockings slip away to show proudly off her long legs with tiny nailpolished toes  A real tasty candy exclusively for the PassionePiedi memebers!!!!

And these stockings worn by Greta are already on sale in the online PassionePiedi’s shop !


Petra in green pitoned high heels

Petra is a true high heeled shoes lover, and you’ll be able to see some Petra‘s very nice high heels in the up-coming sets that all PassionePiedi and Petrafeet subscribers  can exclusively enjoy !!!Her legs, as always beautiful and breath-taking, with her toenails nailpolished with  different bright colors will make you literally go crazy.

You’ll be really intrigued with the new set and the new video!!

Obviously, if you like these fancy,

worn by Petra, shoes that you see in the pics you can always have them visiting the PassionePiedi online shop.


petra-scarpeverdi01 petra-scarpeverdi02 petra-scarpeverdi03