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The Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish passion

The Quentin Tarantino’s passion for female foot is really well known, so  this body’s part takes its highlights in his films  in one way or another .

The most famouse foot fetish scenes are:

Pulp Fiction 
– Mia walking barefoot in her apartment.
– The cab driver Esmeralda drives the car barefoot.

Four Rooms  
– Angela is barefoot in the last scene.

From Dusk till Dawn
– Richard fastened his hostage’s feet for trip in his camper.
– The dancer shoves her bare foot toes into Richard’s mouth inviting him to drink from her big toe while spilling a bottle on the leg …


Jackie Brown    
– Melanie’s feet touch Louis’s beaker.
– Jackie recieves Max Cherry in her apartment walking barefoot.
– One can see Melanie’s feet under the door of the dressing room.

Kill Bill Vol. 1
– Lying in the Pussy Wagon Beatrix tries to revive her feet.
– O-Ren beheads the boss Tanaka being barefoot.
– You can see the feet of Sofie while she’s gassing her car.
– In more than one scene the traditional Japanese sandals worn by O-Ren were shown by the camera.
– The 5678′s perform barefoot …


Kill Bill Vol. 2
– We see a close-up of the Beatrix’s and Bill’s feet during their meeting in the church.
– The dirty feet Beatrix are often highlighted during the confrontation with Elle.
– Elle is barefoot during the flashback of the poisoning of Pai Mei.

Death Proof
– Arlene put her feet on the Shanna’s car dashboard, and you can see Jungle Julia’s bare feet in her apartment.
– Jungle Julia puts her bare feet out of the car window in more than one scene.
– Julia relaxes on the Texas Chili Parlor’s porch while her feet get wet under the rain
–  There is a brief shot of the Arlene’s foot during the lap dance
– Stuntman Mike tickles the Abernathy’s feet …

14-death-proof sydney-tamiia-poitier-in-una-scena-del-film-death-proof-episodio-del-double-feature-grind-house-40039

Inglourious Basterds
– The colonel Hans Landa closes Bridget von Hammersmark in a room and askes to show her foot to make sure that the shoe which was found in his inn, was hers.


Toe Rings and anklets

Among the most beloved jewelries for those who love seeing naked legs and feet are .. without any doubt…  toe rings (the rings worn on the toes) and ankle bracelets.

The anklets, made of any kind of metal or even cloth embellish the lady’s ankles enhancing its grace, and combined with a streamlined and appropriate footwear make girl’s legs look toned, longer and sexy.

On the other hand, the toe rings  give a touch of class to lady’s toes giving them an elegant look and denoting the lady’s special attention to her feet.

Some girls would just put one ring on, others would wear different ones, emphasizing even more their passion for well-groomed feet and deliberately show their neat feet off.

In many photo shootings, the PassionePiedi models showed off their feet with toe rings on and anklets, gathering rave reviews from their fans.

What’s your thought on the topic? Do you like more  anklets or toe rings? Do you prefer our models use them in the next shootings and videos?


Barcelona opened its doors to PiediWeb!

As you may know, the coming of spring in Spain is marked with a special huge European event in the Adult business: “The European Summit” which was hold from the 5th till 8th March at Sitges, a small city just 30 km far from Barcelona. 

It was a great chance to get in touch with other companies and webmasters, to share ideas and, perhaps, to find new ways to cooperate in order to bring you always the best foot fetish pictures and videos. Because it’s obvious: all we want is to improve YOUR experience, is to bring you always the BEST looking models and the BEST looking sites!

What really surprised us was to discover that PiediWeb is actually well known to other companies in the adult business, and some of them actually takes us as an example on how it can be possible to be in this business and still do something original.

Here are some pictures we took from the even, trying to show you some of the beauties we’ve met there… ;-)

IMG-20140307-WA0010 20140307_110421

20140307_144345 IMG-20140307-WA0021 20140306_16394920140305_195746

IMG-20140307-WA0022IMG-20140307-WA001420140307_135954 20140307_135950 20140307_135959 20140307_03030620140306_163859IMG-20140307-WA0018

Sensual Barbara’s feet

The girl who’s in the spotlight  today is Barbara, one of the most delicious and sensual models of  PassionePiedi

Lets watch closer one of the most sexy photo sets in which our gorgeous Barbara shows her well-groomed body off in a very flimsy dress and open toe sandals which give you a glimpse of fire-red nail polish!

Soft sensual feet which attract your eyes without  any hesitation … and Barbaraloves to show them off in every pose…

Absolutely and undeniably delicious!