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Sunny’s feet tickling torture…

If your foot fetish passion is for feet tickling, then this article id dedicated to you. actually there’s a plenty of PassionePiedi’s members who persistently ask us to make more tickling torture videos and photosets…

So here you are! another tickling vid of the soft Sunny‘s feet who suffers tickling on foot a lot!!!

One very lucky guy was tickling her beautiful bare feet with a feather stick to make her laugh louder and to move her delicate toes in an irresistable way..

sunnysolletico4 sunnysolletico3 sunnysolletico2 sunnysolletico1

Do you think he was too hard to do this tickling job to Sunny‘s feet ???

Christelle’s pedal pumping

Today we’re talking about a custom pedal pumping video, with our stunning Christelle starring. It’s a really special video ordered by a PassionePiedi member who has this  Pedal Pumping fetish.

As you can see in these pics, Christelle‘s really dressed up for this shooting, she was wearing tight black leggings with 12cm heeled beige pumps when she got in her Renault Twingo to drive it, and then she would pedal pump that car she’s been always adept at for the customer delight and excitement!!!




Engine starting problemsrevvingpedal pumping… an explosive mix for those who can’t live without engine roar sound provocated by a hosed pretty feet in high heeled shoes!!!


This video was ordered at our  PassionePiedi Shop  which gives you this unique opportunity to get your most freaky foot fetish dream realized, with your favourite model starring in it!

So what are you still waiting for? Make your wish come true by Passione Piedi!!!


PassionePiedi Shop: the Petra’s sneakers

Wonderful news for all lovers of sneakers!

Petra has decided to put in sale in PassionePiedi shopher most favourite sneakers that she has used every day to go to the gym!!!

The smelly shoes that caressed her delicate feet every day on the morning  jogging and accompaned during her daily gym sessions …

Although it is not that easy to say googbye to that comfortable shoes, Petra has still decided to make happy one of her numerous fans who will be able to have his favourite model’s shoes in his hands !

PET0026-01big PET0026-05big PET0026-06big PET0026-02big PET0026-03big PET0026-04big


Lucy … the knee-highs passion!

Today we focus on our model Lucy who doesn’t hide a deep passion for the knee-highs. Nude-colored, black, bright pink… a true rainbow of sensuality.

Lucy is definitely one of the most beloved and requested PassionePiedi’s models, and exclusively for you, she has created a new set and a spectacular video in which she shows her hosed feet with different kinds of knee-highs, then pulling them off, to reveal her well shaped feet in all its glory.

What do you think? Does it seem to you too that Lucy is really pretty with the knee-highs?

It’s obvious that you’ll be able to enjoy all the complete photo sets and videos in HD ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY on PassionePiedi!

passione-piedi-lucy-camera03-56 Passione-Piedi-Lucy-Delfini01-49 passione-piedi-annaluce-gambaletti01-037 passione-piedi-lucy-camera03-82

Sexy Marlene in black negligee and matching stockings!

We’d like to please all the gorgeous Marlene‘s fans with a brand new photo set upcoming in this week updates, with your favourite Marlene starring on PassionePiedi.

A set in which our Marlene will surely surprise you with a very unusual for her brown bob hairstyle !

In this set Marlene has a very sexy black negligee on, she wears a pair high-heeled patent décolléte with sheer matching stockings which she’ll slowly take off to let you admire her soft well-shaped bare feet

You’ll see her having so much fun when painting of her feet with different bright nailpolishes!

And at the end you gonna find out that… her brand new stylish looks is just a wig!!!! Real blondies wouldn’t ever betray their natural hair color!

Do you actually think this look fits her better than her natural one??? Marlene is longing to hear your opinions!


passione-piedi-marlene-caschetto01-80 passione-piedi-marlene-caschetto01-83